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Johannes Praus' OPFER (Submerged) a Regional Winner of the 2011 Kodak Film School Cinematography Competition

Published on website: August 03, 2012
Categories: 16mm , Education , VISION3 500T Color Negative Film 5219/7219 , Next Generation
Scene from OPFER (Submerged)
Johannes Praus

Johannes Praus, from the University of Film & Television "Konrad Wolf" Potsdam, is the Europe-Africa-Middle East Region Winner for the 2011 Kodak Film School Cinematography Competition.

Submerged / Opfer Synopsis

Thomas has a new house, a grilfriend and a baby. He’s hosting a party for some friends. But then his girlfriend’s daughter brings her new boyfriend home. And he seems to be just the kind of guy this gated community was designed to be protected from.

Style & Lighting

“Objective corrective of a subjective viewpoint. The story is told from the view of the main character Thomas. As the viewer and the main character melt together, the objective meaning of the film should, through the subjective telling of the story, lead to an intense involvement with the films subject matter. This approach results in a direct and intimate cinematography.” - Johannes Praus


KODAK VISION3 500T Color Negative Film 7219

About Filmmaking

"The best stories are written by life. I seek out the quiet and interesting stories where most people would take no notice. When we try to recognize and grab hold of the stories, we can share them. I find myself searching for a strong relationship between myself and the protagonists and the actors. Only then do I have the freedom to go where the technical aesthetics end and the picture language of the content begins. People always leave something with me, so I want to leave them with something as well. Maybe the possibility to give us something."

Production Crew

  • Director – Johannes Leistner
  • Production Manager – Constance Nunke
  • Script Consultant – Stefan Hoh
  • Director of Photography – Johannes Praus
  • Gaffer – Gernot Bager
  • Editor – Stefanie Kosik
  • Production Sound Mixer – Kay Riedel
  • Music Composer - Kriton Klingler-Ioannides
  • Production Designer - Anne-Kathrin Fischer
  • Costume Designer - Jennifer Blum
  • First Assistant Camera - Anja Läufer
  • Second Assistant Camera - Martin Knispel
  • Assistant Director - Thomas Hempel
  • Script Sonsultant - Stefan Höh
  • Gaffer - Gernot Bayer  
  • Best Boy - Matthias Franz


Why Film Matters to Johannes Praus