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INSIGHT: Rosemary Blight - Bucking the Digital Trend Down Under

Published on website: March 31, 2014
Categories: Q and A
Rosemary Blight. (Photo credit © Goalpost Pictures, all rights reserved.)

For more than 20 years, Rosemary Blight has been at the forefront of Australia’s independent film movement. As a producer with Goalpost Pictures, one of the country’s best-known independent production companies, Blight has had a hand in bringing more than two dozen projects to fruition, for both the big and small screens. She has worked with the likes of such talents as Tom Wilkinson, Joel Edgerton, Chris O’Dowd and Charlotte Gainsbourg. And she has been recognized for her creative abilities with a slate of awards, including the Australian Film Institute AACTA Award for Best Film for The Sapphires.

Here, Blight talks about moving an audience, letting story dictate capture medium, and getting in the way of Tom Wilkinson.

INSIGHT: John Wells: The Discipline of Film

Published on website: November 18, 2013
Categories: Q and A
John Wells

John Wells’ career started with a simple ambition: “I had always wanted to tell lies about other people and get paid for it,” jokes the veteran writer/producer who has notched 830 credits, most notably as executive producer of China Beach, The West Wing and ER. From 1999 to 2001, he served as president of the Writers Guild of America, West — a two-year position to which he was re-elected in 2009. Though Wells’ television schedule keeps him busy, he has carved out time for a couple of features, including The Company Men and August: Osage County. Here, Wells talks about having lunch with Harvey Weinstein and film’s heightened sensibilities.

You got your start in the theater, then as a producer and writer for TV. Was making the leap to director always part of your plan? I was trained as a director in college and it was always something I wanted to pursue, but it’s a very difficult leap to make. I wanted to stay in the entertainment business, so when the writing started to pay off, I pursued that, which led to some of the television producing, and then directing.

INSIGHT: Paul Korver

Published on website: August 14, 2013
Categories: Lab and Post Production , Q and A

When Paul Korver founded Cinelicious in 2008, he had only one thing in mind — to move the state of film post production forward.

Korver’s Cinelicious is a post production studio, with locations in Hollywood and Santa Monica, offering a full slate of film and digital services. The company believes in respecting the craft and tradition of celluloid film, while leveraging all the benefits of the digital present. Cinelicious has been involved with high-level, film-based projects for directors such as Steven Spielberg, Christopher Nolan, J.J. Abrams, and Andrew Stanton, as well as studios including Paramount, Disney, Pixar, and Warner Bros.

INSIGHT: Rob Bowman 

Published on website: June 17, 2013
Categories: Television , Q and A
Rob Bowman. (Photo by Chuck Bowman)

Filmmaking is a family business for Rob Bowman. Taking a cue from his father Chuck—an Emmy-nominated writer, director, producer and television journalist—the younger Bowman got his start as a producer and director in the mid-1980s, working on such hit shows as The A-Team and Star Trek: The Next Generation. He solidified his reputation as a forward-thinking filmmaker when he earned his stripes as producer-director on The X-Files.

InCamera sat down with Bowman earlier this year as he was completing the 2012-2013 season of Castle. He talked about keeping up with the show’s lightning-fast pace and his penchant for Rocky Road ice cream.

INSIGHT: Gregg Fienberg

(L-R) Stephen Moyer, Alexander Skarsgard, Lucy Griffiths of True Blood (photo: Lacey Terrell/ HBO)

On HBO‘s True Blood, vampires are just another misunderstood minority. And the visuals are one key to success.

Producer Gregg Fienberg’s credits include some of the most visually innovative and memorable television productions of the last two decades, including Twin Peaks, Deadwood, John from Cincinnati and Carnivàle. His current production, True Blood, is the latest in his 13-year association with HBO. Every show he has done at HBO has been originated on film.



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