KODAK IMAGECARE Program Annual Service Agreement

Catalog Number: 174 5298

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The IMAGECARE Program Annual Service Agreement is aimed at helping the participating motion picture processing laboratory maintain Program standards and promote their membership in the Program.


  • ongoing training relevant to IMAGECARE Program training requirements, at Kodak's discretion as outlined in the Program Operations manual
  • quarterly IMAGECARE Program assessments by a Kodak Representative
  • annual IMAGECARE Program re-assessment by Kodak Customer Technical Services (CTS)
  • annual written report identifying areas that require improvement to maintain IMAGECARE Program standards, including suggestions for continuous improvement
  • monthly review by CTS of sensitometric data, including follow-up on identified issues
  • members' newsletter
  • promotional material to assist the laboratory in promoting their Program membership
  • graphic design support for laboratory promotional campaigns
  • publicity via the KODAK IMAGECARE Program website and KODAK placed advertisements
  • three Kodak Motion Picture Laboratory Process Surveys free of charge
  • 10% discount on KODAK Motion Picture Services

Kodak Deliverables

The Kodak IMAGECARE Program Annual Service Agreement covers 12 months provision of the above listed services.

Ordering Information

Please contact your local Kodak office for price and availability in your area.