KODAK IMAGECARE Program - Background Information

The processing of motion picture film is considerably a lot more complicated than consumer film. There are also complex processing cycles, intermediate film stages and other steps which allow for optical and digital sound tracks. Special optical or digital effects may also need to be added into the original negative and each step adds a new potential for film damage. With the potential of hundreds of thousands of dollars spent just on one day's shooting, the negative is a very valuable item which must be protected at all times. Any damage represents significant costs to the production company.

More and more quality minded motion picture laboratories recognize the need for exceptional quality to provide customers with peace of mind. Kodak designed the KODAK IMAGECARE Program to assist such motion picture laboratories in implementing the procedures and processes required for reliable and consistent processing.

In countries where the KODAK IMAGECARE Program is offered, a laboratory can become a member of the Program by being assessed by Kodak Entertainment Imaging as scoring 90% or more against every section of the Program's assessment criteria, as well as an overall score of 90% or more. Reassessment is repeated every 12 months and the laboratory must demonstrate that it continues to meet Program requirements.

Self-assessment Is Key
The Program is based on the fundamental principle of self-assessment. Continued self-assessment means that the company constantly monitors their own standards, thus being in a sound position to find any deviations from the norm.

Similar to ISO 9000, the KODAK IMAGECARE Program requires laboratories to standardize and document their procedures, monitor and control their processes, and be able to demonstrate that they are following the procedures and checklists they have documented. A key component of all of this is the requirement to document and implement a staff training plan for all laboratory personnel. The laboratory has to be committed to assigning resources to the stringent testing and monitoring of all the different facets of operation within the laboratory required as part of the Program, as well as to the development of the people in both skills and knowledge.

Admittance as a member to the KODAK IMAGECARE Program laboratory network is a recognition that a laboratory has implemented the many structured procedures and checks required to meet the Program's tough requirements.