Operations manual v4.1
We have a new and updated version of the Operations Manual version 4.1. The main changes are related to the visual uniformity evaluation scoring, daily sensitometric control scoring, and the frequency requirement of chemical analysis. All labs should be on the new version 4.1 by year end 2010. For more information, or a copy of the v4.1, contact your local Kodak Account Manager.

Imagecare Program logos.
As a Program member, you are allowed to use the Imagecare Program logos and its visuals elements in your letterheads, on your business cards, marketing and advertising elements. The logo to be applied depends on your accreditation level (phase 1 or 2). The Program logos and their elements (trademark, byline, claim) have strict guidelines in terms of their usage: the font that should be used, the size of the overall logo, the use of other graphic elements, the background colors... that we request you to respect and to apply. To know more about the usage of the Program logo, we have a Style Guide available for you. If you want to receive an electronic or a printed copy, please contact your local Kodak office. We advise you to maximize the available branding through the active use of the Program logos. If you need any Program logos in any specific file format, get in touch.

Product News

New - Kodak Color Negative Film LAD (Laboratory Aim Density): LAD provides a motion picture laboratory an objective control tool for the production of master positives, duplicate negatives and prints from negative originals (For 35mm - Cat Number 8709644 - For 16mm - Cat Number 8137416).

KODAK KEYKODE Numbers Transfer Verification Film SO-675 / 35 mm: provides you with a precise means to set up your reader of KEYKODE Numbers and verify the accuracy of your KEYKODE Numbers / time code transfers (Cat Number 1380823)

KODAK VISION2 Color Negative Control Strips / ECN-2 / for Negative Type Films / 35 mm x 100 ft roll (Cat Number 1520469)

KODAK VISION2 Color Negative Control Strips / ECN-2 / for Negative Type Films / 16 mm x 100 ft roll (Cat Number 1520444)

KODAK VISION Color Print Control Strips / ECP-2D / for Positive Type Films / 35 mm x 100 ft roll (Cat Number 1561323)

Particle Transfer Rollers (PTR) / 35 mm / Matte / FPC9712 (Cat Number - 8336919)

As an Imagecare Program member, you are entitled to a discount on some of these products' list price. For the full range of printing filters and optical filters, leaders and other accessories, please visit our website /motion/products/index.htm or contact your local Kodak representative.